We have certain things that are available for training with instructors. These items can be used during training classes or private instructions. If you are interested in using these items let us know and we can see if we have a class available. 


Steel Targets for pistol only

We have purchased some small steel targets that is rated for pistol caliber only, this is available for anyone that wants to shoot. No need for an instructor to use the steel. No steel core ammo on our steel targets. 

Check Out Friday Night Game Course!!

Starting May 27th 2022!

We will setup a course and post a video of us running through the course. Anyone can try the course $20 buy in the fastest run will get half the buy in cash. We will post rules and scoring. Try your skills out on defensive shooting.

Wall for cover

We have built a wall to explain cover and concealment. We use this only with instructors and classes since it requires moving while shooting. This is great to give you the knowledge of how to enter a room or how to approach your hallway or bedroom. 


Rubber dummy

We have 2 rubber dummies that we use during training. These are used with only ball ammo no hollow points. This is used only with instructors, but this allows you to get up close to shoot from retention. 

Drawing from holster

Come and train that draw from concealment. Do you conceal in your purse you need to train to make sure you know how to use that pistol in that purse. Do you conceal and need more practice drawing to get that muscle memory down. Come out become a member and practice your draw after a safety test or get an instructor and practice that drawing. 

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